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Asa video editor: I appreciate music for its powerful effect on the human mind,it creates emotions and has feelings. As an editor I always give priority tosyncing music with footage to compliment the overall execution. I can be given a freehand to create your videos or you may set guidelines for me to have a work flow of your choice and imagination. thanks. 

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    A poet, film maker and a musician, I am eager to grow around these art dimensions. From cinematography to script writing, to explaining actors on how to act, I want to bring out the best in myself and in everyone else. With over 2 years of experience as a director, camera man, video editor and a script writer, I want to make films and documentaries that are unique, creative and relevant to society. I enjoy meeting and working with straight forward people who give out positive vibes and I try to avoid people who are egoistic and not authentic
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