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I will goods or factories inspection inShenzhen

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I will goods or factories inspection inShenzhen


As a sales with 5 years experience, I can help you with any work which you will be too busy to handle. I have two years expenrience in purchasing different products and visiting different factory, checking goods quality.

Pls contact with me if you need purchase some products/ visiting some factory/ inspecting of goods.

I will provide service for you as follow:

1, Introduce good suppliers / good quality products to you

2, make a report of factory after visited

3, inpection of goods

4, Be charge of warranty/ problems with factory

5, follow your order 

Any questions, pls  contact me free. Thanks.

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    Location:  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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    Marketing in shenzhen focus on tablet pc business. I have 5 years experience in the international trade , Know local market very well, so I can be your agent in China, if you want to purchase some products from China, please contact me, email:
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