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I will Find key person’s contacts



If you want to sell your services or products to a company or dealer, but don't know whom to talk with.

This service is helping you get the valid contacts of key persons or decision makers in target companies.

Service Details:

1.The key person or decision maker could be the purchase head, purchase manager, supply chain manager, general manager or CEO etc. The contacts include the Keyperson's Name, Job Title,  Phone Number and Email.

2.We will provide a detailed report including the contacts information and how we get it, such as when, where, how and who I get the information from. (please see the sample report on the showcase)

3.We will make the phone calls to the company to double-check the accuracy of the info, if we can talk to the key person directly, we will briefly introduce your company or products.

4. 165 countries' tasks are available.

Order Steps:

1. You place this order. 

2. You Tell us the details regarding the target company, the brief introduction of your products and company.

( you will see the form after placing the order)

3. We accept the order and start working, we assign the task to our local talents.

5. We submit the work report.

6. Review the work report.

How We Work:

1. Do market research of target company.

2. Make the local cold calls to get key persons' name.

3. Get their contacts details, make a phone call to confirm.

4. Deliver the work report. (all details about what info got, how to get)

Delivery Time:

Normally, the report will be submitted in 7 days for one company, the big company may take more time.

Refund Guarantee

If we failed to get key person's contact, you will get the 100%  refund from the order.


*The basic price is only for one key person's contacts from one company.

*If you want to get more than one keyperson’s contacts, please select the quantity of basic service as needed.

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