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I will Visit local clients on your behalf

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Basic Service

I will Visit local clients on your behalf

Extra Service
  • Extra fee: West Europe / North America / Oceania / East and North Asia
  • Transportation fee
  • Accommodation fee
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    If you have overseas clients, usually you may want to get such info:

    Is the company existing?

    Do they know our products??How can they learn more about us?

    Why they did not cooperate with us for almost half a year and also get no reply in the email. Is there anything wrong with our products?

    Then, finding a local seller of the country to visit your client would be the most wise choice, and save your time and money as well.

    Besides, locals are familiar with their language and culture which is helpful to connect with client.


    Service Details:

    1. We will find a qualified local seller (with excellent sales experience) to visit your client.

    2. We may need you to send an email to the client to explain the situation that a representative of your company will visit them if it is necessary

    3. We will provide a detailed report including how the seller contacts your client, when is the meeting date, record all the feedback from target clients, if they need your service, etc.  

    4. 165 countries' tasks are available.


    Order Steps:

    1. You place this order. 

    2. You offer us the details regarding the target company, the brief introduction of your products and company.

    ( you will get the form after placing the order)

    3. We accept the order and start working, we assign the task to our local talents.

    5. We submit the work report.

    6. Review the work report.


    How We Work:

    1. Do market research of target company.

    2. Make the local cold calls to reach key persons.

    3. Set appointment with them on an exact date.

    4. Visit clients and discuss your business with them

    5. Deliver the work report (All details about the meeting).


    Delivery Time:

    7 days.



    -Basic price: $300/day, it’s available for countries excluded as below.

    -Extra fee:

    1) Visit clients in these areas should plus $100: West Europe / North America / Oceania / East and North Asia

    2) Transportation fee: It depends on the distance to client’s company

    3) Accommodation fee: It depends on local / seasonal price



    *Contact us before placing order.

    *If client's location is remote or in the middle of nowhere, it will take more time to find suitable candidate.  

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      Basic Service
      • Extra fee: West Europe / North America / Oceania / East and North Asia
      • Transportation fee
      • Accommodation fee
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