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I will do a Flawless 15 mins TRANSCRIPTION within 24 hrs

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I will do a Flawless 15 mins TRANSCRIPTION within 24 hrs

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    WOW! At just a measly $5 investment, I will do the 15 minutes transcription of your Audio or Video files in less than 4 days (usually 2 to 3 days in 9 out of 10 times). I am always happy to take longer files too so please feel free to contact me. Need your orders rushed? No problem.

        100% POSITIVE RATING

        100% DELIVERED ON TIME

        100% RESPONSE RATE


    I shall audio proof every document and Google search for names, acronyms, terminologies, corporate jargon etc. I will not run away in the middle of your job, and I will make sure every transcription goes through the following key processes:

        Typing, and Punctuation;

        Structuring, and Editing;

        Proofreading and Quality Checks;

        Time-code of inaudible places in the file i.e. [inaudible 23:11], where 23:11 is, for instance, an inaudible place in the file;

        Unlimited revision (100% money-back guarantee)

    Translated by Google. Can´t ensure the accuracy
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