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I will provide the China export data for one month for one hs code

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I will provide the China export data for one month for one hs code

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    I will provide the China export or import data according to the HS code or product name.

    The format will be EXCEL .

    The data fields will include :   Date,   Port ,I/E,   HS Code,   Product , Specs. ,Unit ,Unit Price ,Trade Terms ,Currency,   Quantity,   Total Amount ,Country of Destination ,Transportation,   Mode of Trade,  Routing Country Company Code ,Company , Production Location.

    The language will be Chinese or English , English version is manually translated, the price will be extra 20%.

    After you make the order ,you will the place where you could submit your detailed requirements.

    Translated by Google. Can´t ensure the accuracy
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    Hi , i am Antony from China. I have more than 10 years of experience in global trading consulting, especially international trading intelligence. I can provide the hard-to-get import-export data, and company background checking.
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