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I will purchase / inspect quality/visit factory


As a sales with 5 years experience, I can help you with any work which you will be too busy to handle. I have two years expenrience in purchasing different products and visiting different factory, checking goods quality.

Pls contact with me if you need purchase some products/ visiting some factory/ inspecting of goods.

I will provide service for you as follow:

1, Introduce good suppliers / good quality products to you

2, make a report of factory after visited

3, inpection of goods

4, Be charge of warranty/ problems with factory

5, follow your order 

Any questions, pls  contact me free. Thanks.

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    Location:  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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    Chinese (Traditional)
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    1, I have more than 4 years experience as a oversea sales in one factory.

    2, I help my clients purchasing different electornic products, such as: earphone, tablet, keyboard, mouse, cable, speaker, mobile phone, etc

    3,I have more than 3 years experience of purchasing electronic products.

    My Advantage:

    1, visiting different suppliers, and make professional report
    2, Perfect experience of Testing quality of different products
    3, Enough time to do this job
    4, good communication with foreigner
    5, effecient to work how to find good suppliers
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