One-stop Marketing Outsourcing Services

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Grow your sales by using a local team

One-Stop Marketing Outsourcing

We work with global enterprises and act as their exclusive agent worldwide.
IWORKU will strive to pair your business with a qualified and experienced local sales team to promote and develop your brand.


Eliminate the cultural and language barriers by using local marketing teams. Local teams best understand the current market and know how to get things done.

Market Research

We will provide a general market overview. This includes trade data, target customers and more.


Develop your marketing strategy, industry and product training, marketing material etc.

Local Marketing

Face to face customer visits, sample deliveries, product presentations and customer follow-ups.

Customer Relations

Post-sales services, maintaining positive customer relations.

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Using a local sales team can boost your sales and help you reach more customers.

Transnational Cooperation System

Offline local team + Online management system

In order to allow businesses to communicate with overseas marketing teams, we have developed a multiparty collaboration system. This system allows quick and easy communication between businesses, overseas marketing teams and IWORKU.