Customized Field Market Research
IWORKU provides customized market research to fit the unique needs of our clients. Using local resources, our team will conduct comprehensive market research to help your business define your target market.


Customized solutions based off your needs


Build your team with the best local professionals

Field Research

We use local resources to conduct individualized market research for your business

Accurate & Comprehensive

Receive conclusive target market data
Market Research Services
We provide our clients with data that is essential to reaching their goals and making effective business decisions.

Market Overview

Market trends, size, channel, product information, market preferences etc

Customer Targeting

Precision buyers list, key contact information, purchasing habits etc

Enterprise information

background research, credit risk assessment, supplier information etc


Exhibition information, overseas users research etc

Success Stories
To be successful, you must know your customers and your market.

Shandong Steel Pipe Manufacturer

Key person information of target customers in India, Mexico, Iran

Shanghai Flooring Manufacturer

Background research for their old customer in Mexico

Inner Mongolia Pet Suppliers

Pet supplies wholesaler list in Thailand

Guangzhou Textile Suppliers

Market overview of fabric industry in Vietnam

Shanghai Timber Products

Wood distributors list and contact information in USA

Chongqin Investment Casting Manufacturer

Key person information of an American firearms manufacturer

Jiangsu Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

Electric vehicle market survey, user portraits, brand share, store distribution, etc

Hebei Building Material Exporter

Saudi Arabia customer background research and credit risk assessment

Customized & Field Market Research
By using local resources, our local team will conduct comprehensive market research to help all businesses to define their target market.
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