User Guide

1. General

1.1 Account Registration

You need to register to sell or buy services on IWORKU, click 'Sign Up ' on homepage, input your email address, set your password, click 'register ' Activation link will be sent to your mailbox, please check and click the link to complete the activation for better experience on IWORKU.

1.2 Login Authorization

IWORKU enables you to login with third party account, click ' 'Sign Up on homepage, choose your associated account like Wechat and Facebook, click to login.

1.3 Change Password

Click your profile image, choose 'change password ' and input old and new password to reset.

1.4 Currency

We accept CNY and USD for now. when posting services or projects, currency is automatically in USD, users can complete transactions by Paypal and Alipay.

2. Local Talents

2.1 Personal Resume

After login, click your profile image on homepage, then “Information Management” to complete basic personal information, working experience, education experience, certifications and so on.

2.2 Post a Service

If you want to sell your services on IWORKU, you need to post a service first.
Step 1: click “Post a Service”, then fill in all the essential information needed to post your service. briefly introduce the type of service you are providing in the title section, select the service location, category, tags, etc. Add a detailed description of your service below.
Step 2: Upload relevant attachments. You need to upload at least one picture as an attachment to display your service. You can also add video, audio, and other attachments.
Step 3:Price your service. Here, you can fill in pricing for your service and set additional service charges . You can also set default questions and answers for employers in order to quickly solve their problems when you are not online simultaneously.

2.3 Bidding a Project

After login, you can check“Find A Project” to look at employer’s project,then click to check details. If this project is open for bidding, you'll click 'Send Proposal ' to offer your quotation and proposal. And you can click “My Bid ' to view the details and status of all bids on dashboard.

2.4 Submit Work Report

After completing an order, you can select “My Order” in the Dashboard and select orders sold to upload the completed work on order details page.

2.5 Get Paid

After an employer has marked the order as completed, the payment will be credited to your account balance. You can check from your Dashboard and withdraw through PayPal or Alipay.

2.6 Membership

IWORKU offers four membership categories for local freelancers-Basic, Senior, Pro and Partner. Each with a unique set of requirements and benefits like information below.

Credit Score200 ↓200-800800-15001500 ↑
Commission Rate15%10%5%0%
Interview Reward$0$2$10-
Proposals Per Day51015IWORKU assigns directly
Withdrawal Period6-8WD4-6WD2-4WD1-2WD
Withdrawal FeeFreeFreeFreeFree
Recommended ServiceNoYesYesYes


1) The withdrawal period means processing time for IWORKU, not include the time for the third-party payment platform.

2) For Partner, IWORKU cooperates with them and will assign the projects directly. Apply to be partner now.

2.7 Credit Score

Credit score is a comprehensive score depending on personal information, trading volume, reviews, activeness etc. The higher the score is, more experienced and reliable the freelancer is. It's for employer's reference.

ItemCredit Score
Complete basic information+10
Upload video+10
Add working experience+10
Add education background+10
Add certification+10
Account verification+10 each
Complete projects+10 each
ReviewsPositive: +5
Negative: -10

2.8 Dispute and Arbitration

In case of any dispute occurs during transaction between parties, freelancers may apply for arbitration .Freelancers can apply for arbitration in “My Order”, fill the application form and upload relevant attachments. IWORKU will feedback to you as soon as possible.

3. Employer

3.1 Company Profile

After login, click profile image on homepage, then “Information Management” to complete company profile, contact information, team management and so on.

3.2 Post a Project

Step 1: Click “Post a project” on homepage, fill in all the necessary information, and choose the required service location, category, and tags, etc. and describe the type of service you need.

Step 2:Choose your required deadline for the task. Employers can bid on your task prior to this deadline. Indicate your budget for this task. Submit relevant examples and post.

3.3 Searching Service

Method 1:You can input the keywords directly in the search bar to look for a specific service.

Method 2:You can select and click a category at the top of the page to search for the service you need by category, country and language.

Method 3:Post a task and wait for bidders.

3.4 Award Bidder

Login to dashboard, and click “My Project” to view bidders’ details and select your preferred bidder. If there are no acceptable matches for your request,you do not need to select one.

3.5 Check Work Report

After you have confirmed the service bought and submitted payment, you can choose “I’m a Employer” on the Dashboard, and see your orders in the Purchased Orders section. You can also click to see details. After you have received the seller’s work report, you can check then click to accept.

3.6 Reviews

You can browse the page of sellers you've purchased from and give them feedback. After confirming a service you’ve purchased and submitting payment, you can select “I’m a Employer” on the Dashboard and choose the order in the Purchased Orders section then click to inspect details and leave feedback for the service at the bottom of the page.

4. Rewards Policy

IWORKU will offer rewards for both local freelancers and employers. The rewards can be exchanged for credit scores. 1000 rewards=1 credit score.
Also the rewards can used to offset other expenses on the platform.

Local talent/Employer Register+100
login+10 per day
Local talent Verification+50
Post service+50
Bid project+50
Win project+100
Project done+50
Post project+50
Deposit$1=10 rewards
Accept work report +100
Write review+50
Expense$1=10 rewards

For local talents:1000 rewards= 1 credit score
For employers: 1000 rewards=$1

5.Fee and Charge

For Local local talent:

local talents are free to sign up, post a service, receive bids from local talents. If local talent wins the project, we will charge relative commission fee depending on local talent’s level.For hourly projects, the fee is levied on each payment that employer makes to the local talent. So please consider the commission fee when bidding a project.

Credit Score200↓200-800800-15001500↑
Commission Rate15%10%5%0%

For Employer:

Employers are free sign up, post the project, and review bidders profile. However, IWORKU cherish the value for all our freelancers, so our freelancers will get fixed reward once employers are interested in freelancers’ profile or proposal and initiate the interview. So more attractive and more details freelancer’s profile or working experience is, more chance to get the interview.

Credit Score200↓200-800800-15001500↑
Interview Reward$0$2$10-

The withdrawal is free of charge and the minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

Payment Methods

You can pay by PayPal, Alipay or your account balance. You can also use your accumulated scores for payment.