Terms of Service

The IWORKU Terms of Service was updated on November 20, 2018.

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using IWORKU.COM -- a cross-border services trading platform.
Prior to using this platform officially, please read our terms and conditions carefully, as this is crucial for you to use this platform (referred to as IWORKU) correctly. Once you begin using IWORKU services, you will be regarded as agreeing to the terms and conditions in the agreement below.
IWORKU provides services based on this agreement, and this agreement has legal power.
If you are a registered member of IWORKU, this means that you have already read, understood and agreed with the agreement with IWORKU, and accept the constraints included in this agreement.
IWORKU reserves the right to change the agreement at any time and make an announcement on IWORKU website. Once the amended terms and conditions are announced on the IWORKU website, it is automatically effective. If users do not agree with the changes, they must immediately stop using IWORKU.
Any direct methods or any sort of indirect methods for using IWORKU’s service and data will be viewed as acceptance of the entire contents of IWORKU’s agreement unconditionally.If there is a disagreement with any criteria in this agreement, please stop using services provided by IWORKU.
You must be at least 16 years old (or meet the minimum working age requirement by local law) to exercise the individual civil right as a normal individual, to register as an IWORKU member.
This agreement includes the content of the agreement and all rules already announced by IWORKU. All rules are an integral part of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of this agreement. Once the user continues to use IWORKU, it means the user has accepted and voluntarily complied with the terms of amendments.

Basic terms

Account means the account activated by your email address in registration.
Buyer is a user who posts tasks, or purchases services from sellers.
Seller is a user who provides services to buyer.
Marketplace collects all tasks and services. In I’m a seller status, it is a marketplace of tasks; In I’m a buyer status, it is a marketplace of services.
Order s a short-term contract between a buyer and a seller after a purchase was made from a seller’s Service Page, or a seller won the bidding from a posted task.
Request Refund is a right for a buyer. When the order is on working or after seller submitting the work report, buyer found the seller did not offer service, or offered service with poor quality according to the task requirement, buyer can request refund. If there is a disagreement between buyer and seller, both of them have an option to apply Arbitration.
Arbitration is an option where a buyer or a seller feels unsatisfied or unfair with the order related party when their order process turn to “Refund”. Seller only have one chance to apply arbitration when he/she rejected Refund Request from the buyer. Both of them need to upload attachment (Word/Excel/PDF/PNG) as evidence for us to verdict. If one of them did not upload any attachment, it would be treated as quit. Results will publish after three working days.

IWORKU Credit is a way to show your creditability to both buyers and sellers. There are two main ways to improve your credit on IWORKU.
      1) Verification: Every time you complete a verification, your credit points will improve. By completing more verification information, you will be more able to get buyers / sellers trust, at the same time to facilitate our special circumstances in time to get in touch with you.
      2) Transaction: Once an order is finished, both of buyer and seller’s credit points will improve.

Website means global websites operated by IWORKU at www,iworku.com or any replacement URL, and any iOS App and any Android App.


transaction fee:charge on Buyer by certain percentage.
commission: charge on seller by certain percentage Rights to adjust the percentage are reserved to IWORKU, Please pay attention when transaction occurs balance and withdrawal balance: funds left in account in USD.
IWORKU provides online exchange rate for reference when converting USD to local currency.
seller provides service and engaged in real transaction, buyer cancels orders and go back to balance page, luckymoney from IWORKU, please check when and how to use luckymoney. users' withdrawal


means to withdraw account balance from IWORKU to Alipay, PayPal or Payoneer etc.
withdrawal terms users apply for withdrawal which will be granted and completed within 5 working days after verified by IWORKU.

1. Trademark Rights

IWORKU is a registered trademark; one shall not use this trademark under any circumstances without consent from IWORKU.

2. Legal Policy

Users may not use IWORKU to make, provide, copy, post, or distribute the following contents:Objections to the basic principles of constitutions;
Endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power, undermine national unity;
Endanger national honor and interest;
Incitement to ethnic hatred, racial discrimination, undermining national unity;
Violate state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstitions;
Spread rumors, disturb social order or undermine social stability;
Spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;
Insult or defame others, upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;
Other information that is are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations. Users outside of China should obey local laws when completing trades on IWORKU. IWORKU has the right to review and monitor IWORKU users, and if IWORKU users breach any of the above regulations, IWORKU or an authorized party will require users to amend or immediately take all necessary measures (Including, but not limited to, changing or deleting user’s published content, pausing or terminating a user’s right to use IWORKU) to mitigate the impact from a user’s misconduct.

3. Privacy Permission

IWORKU respects users’ privacy, and all activities conducted by users should likewise respect others’ privacy
IWORKU will not publicly release or leak any private information to a third party,except demanded by lawful and authorized government departments ,or store any private information when users use IWORKU’s services.

4. Intellectual property

IWORKU is a service exchange marketplace that does not get involved in providing, processing or obtaining any service. IWORKU respects and encourages to acquire, to share and to spread information based on respect for intellectual property. All associated softwares, programs, contents used by IWORKU, including but not limited to works, pics, profiles, files, website building, website design and arrangement, ads and news are lawful intellectual property, including but not limited to copyright, brand right, patent right or other special-owned rights, owned by IWORKU and relative parties. users cannot modify, lease, lent, sell, spread or merchandise the above-mentioned files and resources owned by IWORKU without getting consents. Users own the copyright for all original works created by users expect transactions for the content mentioned. Users can authorize other users to use their works by paid or unpaid without consents from IWORKU For transaction occured on IWORKU, users still own copyright to the original works unless only copyright purchase stated clearly, buyers own use rights including commercial use. If any third party voilates users' rights, IWORKU with users' consent, or the user, can give warning to the third party, issue claims and charges aginst the third party or negotiate to reach agreement. IWORKU has the right and obligation to verify and deal with contents posted in accordance with regulations and law issued.

5. Trading Rules

Users should abide by the principle of good faith when transacting on IWORKU, and shall not use unfair manners to violate the proper order of transaction. Users shall not perform anything illegal or irrelevant to proper online transactions, and should not publish false transaction information on this platform. Users shall not use improper means (including but not limited to methods such as fake transactions, or exchange for positive feedbacks) to raise their credits or other users’ credits, or use improper methods to maliciously provide negative feedback to reduce other users'credits.
IWORKU has jurisdiction rights on unfair competition and improper methods used. Once it is confirmed that a user has engaged in unfair competition or improper methods, IWORKU has the right, including but not limited, to reduce feedbacks, suspend users’ privileges, permanently deny users’ access, etc.

6. Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute occurs during transaction between parties, users may request arbitration.
If users discover other users have engaged in illegal behaviors or behaviors that violate trading rules,please report to IWORKU.

7. Trading Risks

IWORKU endeavor to maintain a standardized trading process to reduce users’ risk during transactions, but IWORKU does not guarantee the trading process is risk-free.
Prior to any transaction, buyers/sellers should know well about each other, the scope of the work involved should be defined.
The cost involved and the time of delivery should be accurately identified to avoid any risk caused by information negligence. IWORKU will not act as biased arbitration in case of any loss involved due to the mistakes of users.
If users violate regulations of local banks, credit card or third-party online payment platforms regarding withdrawal or other illegal operations that leads to transaction risk, IWORKU will not be responsible for such actions. If users’ behaviors violate local laws and regulations or social ethics, the transaction risks caused by such behaviors should be the responsibility of users causing these violations.
Regarding natural forces such as natural disasters, government policy adjustment, terrorists’ activities or any other causes that IWORKU cannot control and that lead to an interruption or termination of a service, IWORKU will not be liable, but will try to reduce the transaction risks through humane methods to reduce the loss and effects of users.

8. Users’ Rights and Obligations

Users have the right to use IWORKU to inquire about the requested information, publish requested information, launch services and purchase orders and services, based on this agreement and the announcement of IWORKU’s related regulations.
To secure the safety and privacy of our users, please do not publish or exchange any information regarding your personal contact and payment details.
Buyers should pay the sellers only through the IWORKU order system to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Any dispute caused by direct payment to sellers will not be IWORKU’s responsibility.
Users have the right to participate in IWORKU’s related promotions and use other relevant information and services provided by IWORKU.
Users are responsible for their account number and password, and are responsible for all the activities under their account number and passwords (including but not limited to the demanded release of information, orders, clicking to agree on various types of agreements, etc.). Users have the right to change login passwords and account withdrawals.
Any loss due to users’ actions is borne by the users, including but not limited to: Not operating in accordance to the transaction process, not being attentive to trading operations, leakage of passwords or forgetting passwords, passwords cracked by others, user computer experiencing invasion by Trojan viruses.
Users should provide accurate information to IWORKU, this includes but is not limited to real name, email, contact numbers, etc. Users must ensure that IWORKU can contact them using the above contact information and methods. At the same time, when relevant information is subjected to changes, users should update their relevant registration information.
Users shall not, by any method, unauthorize transfers or authorize others to use their account on IWORKU. Users agree to comply with all laws, regulations, administrative rules and regulations implemented by IWORKU, all related regulations set by IWORKU, and various social public interests or ethics.
Users should bear the cost associated with or arising from the transactions made, and pay taxes according to tax law.
Users cannot use the following methods to log in the website or damage the services provided by the website:
1) Software robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated access to login to IWORKU;
2) Methods to cause or that may cause an unreasonable or disproportional load on the internal structure of the company;
3) Methods to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the website or any other activities
Users agree to accept any information from IWORKU, this includes but is not limited to offers, transaction of information or promotions, etc.

9. IWORKU's rights and obligations

IWORKU is a service exchange marketplace which connects both buyers and sellers and will not supervise or control any party. IWORKU is obligated to help facilitate transaction procedures with network techonology and functions setting measures etc. IWORKU obtains the arbitration rights to resolve disputes occured that cannot be resolved by parties involved under the rule of justice and to keep both parties informed of the final resolution.in case that a user breaks regulations and policy or this agreement, IWORKU,depending on the certain situation, has the right to give insite warning, freeze balance account, suspend users'access or permanently deny user's access without the user's consent.

10. Statement

IWORKU cannot accurately evaluate quality of services provided by users. All contents posted on IWORKU by users can only represent the user alone, which cannot represent IWORKU in any aspects.
IWORKU essential terms
All rights reserved to IWORKU and associated ones.IWORKU has the rights to modify and implement this agreement.
This agreement becomes effective from 15th May 2016.